While 'Idol' is changes judges like weather changes seasons, 'The Voice's' star studded panel of judges, including Blake Shelton, are revealing new changes to the show that are sure to add more suspense and excitement!

Everyone is excited to see the return of this season's 'The Voice' with our country star, Blake Shelton, as the reigning King-Coach.

There have been rumors about changes coming to the show, though. With all the changes to 'Idol', it's safe to say that everyone thought one of the judges were going home.

Thankfully, that is not the case!

An element called 'The Steal'  is being added to every coaches arsenal where they can steal anyone of the contestants that has been eliminated by another judge.

This means another new feature had to be added: 'The Knockout Rounds'. This will be the way each coaches teams will be narrowed down to five members before the live episodes begin airing.

"There’s nothing that’s more nervewracking than knowing, 'Okay, both these singers did really good and I gotta pick one and I know damn good and well one of these other three are gonna steal the person I don’t pick,'" he said. "There’s a chance that person may go on and win this and that’s gonna make me look really stupid. That definitely goes on in your mind. As an artist and somebody on television I have enough of an ego that I don’t want to look that stupid. I want to look brilliant." Blake said in an interview for RollingStone"It’s going to be so exciting for people watching at home."

Catch the new season on NBC starting September 10th!


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