Everything is bigger in Texas! Even our greeting statue at the State Fair, but Big Tex was more than just a statue. He was a public figure, an ICON, if you will, of Texas and early this morning he caught fire and burned down.

In what officials believe to be caused by an electrical fire, a spark ignited and Big Tex burned down this morning at the Texas State Fair in Dallas.

While the State Fair is close to wrapping up it's festivities, it still doesn't make this blow any better. For 60 years now, Big Tex has been welcoming fair goers Texas-style.....literally.

He stands 52 feet tall and sports a size 70 boot and talks, greeting all who come in! There's no 10 gallon hat for this guy, either! Big Tex's hat is a one-of-a-kind 75 gallon hat!

Thankfully, it's not REALLY good-bye, after all. The accident is heartbreaking, yes, but Big Tex will be back!

In the mean time, we all tip our hats and bow our heads to you Big Tex. Congrats on 60 years!


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