Tea people rejoice, one of Lubbock's favorites is adding another location to the area.

Back in 2019, we got out first HTeaO location and people immediately fell in love. Every hour they have 27 flavors of fresh-brewed ice tea for you to try, mix and match and enjoy.

This company's journey started in 2009 by Gary & Kim Hutchens. For years Gary had been selling his flavored iced teas in his burger restaurant Buns Over Texas. Having seen his drive-thru iced tea business continue to grow he made a strategic decision to use the construction of his new Buns Over Texas as an opportunity to add a dedicated tea store to the end of his new building. Texas Tea was officially born. In January 2018 they launched their franchise prototype store in Midland, TX.

Their first location in Lubbock opened on Milwaukee Avenue, and a couple of years later their new location on 50th came around. Well, soon there will be a third location coming soon.

My favorite thing is to go there and mix and maximize their flavors. I like their sweet coconut, sweet Georgia peach tea and sweet wild raspberry. I've never bought their gallon, mini-gallon or half-gallon teas but they are very tempting.

Along with teas they also have snacks, ice, and water.

Their new location is shown on their website at 98th and Slide Road.

While it doesn't have an opening date yet they hope to be opening at 5105 9th Street in March 2023. They are also looking to hire people you can apply on their website.

Until it opens you can enjoy their open locations at 2618 50th St Lubbock, TX 79413 or 6704 Milwaukee Ave. Lubbock, TX. They even take online orders.

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