It's hard not to get excited about Texas Tech's big win on Saturday over Texas. Especially coming from behind to win in overtime after not beating UT in Lubbock since 2008.

Texas Tech fans had every reason to be excited and want to celebrate along with the team after the game. Unfortunately, it just takes one complete jackass to ruin everything.

Yes, the below video is verified and real. It also shows the worst of what should have been an incredible celebration and is totally unacceptable.

And now, the Texas Tech Police Department is after this idiot.

The following is for the idiot pictured above.


Leave Lubbock. Leave Texas. Right now. Don't even pack. You do NOT represent us here. You're a stain on what was a wonderful afternoon and are now part of the backlash against Texas Tech and the rest of us fans. You're being singled out by the University of Texas and their fans as an example of what we are really like, when in reality we couldn't be any farther from who you are.

You're an idiot. You should never show your goofy ass at any Texas Tech event or Lubbock restaurant, and should probably just tattoo the words "I SUCK" on your elevated forehead and move to Mars. If you're a student at Tech, just drop out. Today. Don't bother asking for a refund on your tuition. Then, enroll at Moron U. I'd also scrub my social media if I were you, because people have ways of finding out who "people" like you are.

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As for what should happen to this soon as he's discovered (and he will be), if he's a student at Texas Tech, the school should expel him. Today. This has got to be some sort of honor code violation, and he needs to be made an example of. If he's not a student, a lifetime ban from Texas Tech sporting events is the least of what should be done. Plus, he should be charged with assault and battery for his actions against the Texas player and spend some time in the county lockup.

Does this seem harsh? I really don't care. There's always one bad apple ruining the bunch and making us all look bad. So what do you do? You pull it off the tree and toss it out. This should have been a celebration, and this guy just gave Lubbock and Tech fans a black eye.

Go get him.

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