You've heard of guide dogs for the blind and search dogs, but now help is on the way for people needing to control their diabetes. Dogs, like Zeke the poodle, are being trained to be Diabetic Alert Dogs. Not every dog is able to be trained to perform the service. One online site says the accuracy of a properly-trained animal is 85-90%! Co-owner of, Julie Noyes, is a dog-training specialist. She owns Hoke, the search dog famous for his service following 9-11, and Hoke remains part of her company.

Zeke, the poodle, is two years old and has been specially-trained to smell changes in blood glucose levels, helping Wisconsin high school freshman Bailey Paterson control her diabetes. She says Zeke will warn her if her glucose levels get too high or too low, telling the Oshkosh Northwestern paper she feels safe and secure" having Zeke at her side.

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