Yes Tax Day is actually looming on April 15th this year, no extra time to ponder, procrastinate or panic!

The last two years we've been gifted an extra day thanks to National Emancipation Day but this year that holiday falls on the 16th, so tax day is April 15th for us here in Texas.

The folks in Massachusetts and Maine are the only ones off the hook for a couple of days,, they celebrate Patriots' Day on Monday and then roll right into National Emancipation Day, so no tax day for them until Wednesday the 17th according to

Is it just me or did it seem like tax day was even more stressful back when we had to stand in line at the post office. Now most post offices are not offering any extended hours, according to a quick Google search. Apparently,most folks no longer file paper returns.

If you can't get it all figured out in time, you want to at least file an extension,to avoid a hefty late filing penalty.

Try not to stress, take a couple of good deep breaths and get busy if you don't have your taxes done yet! You can do it!



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