Talk about sticker shock!

Gas prices across the country are definitely skyrocketing, but $6.76 a gallon sounds a little extreme. Possibly incorrect. And that's just what happened Monday morning (November 22nd) in Lubbock, Texas.

If you happened to drive by this specific gas station that morning, you might have been in a little bit of a panic just like I was when I saw the picture. I did a double take. Could this actually be real? What did I miss?

I know people have been complaining that California gas prices are high, but when Christopher Whited posted this picture from the KLBK/KAMC sky camera of the 7-Eleven/Alon gas price sign on 82nd and University, I was in shock. It read $6.76, but thankfully later on in the day they brought it down to $2.76. Maybe it was a glitch or an early April Fool's Day prank, but that's crazy.

Lubbock is currently averaging a price of around $2.76/gallon, while California is at a whopping $3.99/gallon. This time last year in Lubbock, gas was about $1.83/gallon. Hopefully, we can figure out how to keep our prices low soon lest we end up like California.

So as you head out to travel during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I would look around at the different prices to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. You never know what the prices will look like in the towns you go to.

Until these gas prices decrease, we all need to save where we can. I personally use Gas Buddy to see what prices are and where I should stop. Just remember: please be safe when you're traveling.

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