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Grab Axxes Throwing Hall and Bar is now open in Lubbock at 12213 University Avenue.

Just when you may have been bored, here's something to shake things up a bit. According to a quick internet search, axe throwing has become a hot trend in recent years. Why not step out of the heat and into this great air-conditioned space for an axe-throwing adventure?

Owner Nate Wolfe shared some of the keys to axe throwing.

"It's a lot about concentration, about follow-through, and a repetitive motion, and it's muscle control and muscle memory." he said, adding that players get "full instruction on the rules of the hall to make sure that everything's done safely, but also the proper throwing techniques and how they want to accomplish their goals." Nate and his wife Shannon are from Slaton, and own this great new space together.

"We hope to make a lot of new friends here," he added. "This is something new for Lubbock and we are a member of the WATL, which is the World Axe Throwing League, so not only do we function under our house rules here but we're under their rules as well to make sure everyone has a safe good time here."

See our photo gallery below from the new place below.

Grab Axxes Opens in Lubbock

So if you're ready to grab an axe and go for the bullseye, we've got more details for you about what it takes to participate, according to the Grab Axxes website:

$25 per person per hour

$20 active military, vets, and first responders

$15 ladies on Thursday nights

Individuals must be 14 years or older to enter. Persons 14 - 17 must be accompanied by a legal adult. No more than 2 minors per adult will be admitted.

Also, you will want to wear closed-toed shoes.

Some benefits of axe throwing, according to one expert source:

Throwing axes works out your core and shoulder muscles, and when you throw you’re also working out your hamstrings and calves as well, plus who likes going to the gym when you have something as fun as this! Axe throwing gets your blood pumping and adrenaline going, and it’s a great stress reliever too. You can go have fun with friends.

So get out of the heat and stop in for an exciting axe throwing time. I had the opportunity to try it while I was there and it's a wild ride. First you have to move past the awkward fear, then it's the nerves, than it's kind of exciting and after you manage to miss the bullseye completely, you start to realize, you need to focus on skill, and form and practice!

It was a ton of fun at Grab Axxes. Welcome to Lubbock. Thanks so much to the Wolfe family for the grand tour. Congratulations to them on their wonderful new Lubbock place. Stop in to support this new local family-owned Lubbock business.

Watch Nate Wolfe and his son, Nolan, demonstrate axe throwing.

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