South Lubbock is getting a new addition to the area and it is going to be run by an owner we already know and love their food.

Lisa Hall, Jacob Hall and their two sons Tanner and Tristen Rodrigues own and run Woody's Pizza, Grill, & Pub at 3135 34th Street. It is known for its pizza, buffet, burgers, Phillys and calzones. They have fresh ingredients, grate their own cheese, and make their own pizza dough and sauces.

Now they will be bringing Woody's to the south side. She will be opening a new location in the spring of 2024. It will be a little different than her other location on 34th Street. It will be called Woodys Burger Barn.

Woodys Pizza, Grill, & Pub
Woodys Pizza, Grill, & Pub

The new location will only be burgers and Phillys. They will offer counter service to place your orders, a condiment bar for your burgers, and will have beer and wine for those of age.

They are currently working on their menu but they will have starters like cheese sticks, fried mushrooms, and popper balls. Then they will have hand-pressed burgers. For their two Phillys it will be a Philly Cheesesteak or a Texas Philly. The Texas one has queso and bacon bits and that is calling my name. Also those curly fries, I need now!

Woodys Pizza, Grill, & Pub
Woodys Pizza, Grill, & Pub

We will keep you updated on when they set an opening date for their new location at  10007 101st Street. You can also keep up with them on their Facebook page.

For now, you can enjoy their food at Woodys Pizza, Grill, & Pub located at
3135 34th, Lubbock, TX. They also have a website for more details, menu, and ordering online.

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