Only Willie Nelson could cover a Pearl Jam tune and make it sound darn close to better than the original. That’s what the iconic singer did with his version of ‘Just Breathe,’ which is included on his new ‘Heroes’ album. As an added bonus, the track features the guest vocals of the singer’s son, Lukas Nelson. As if you didn’t already love the song enough, the Nelsons released a beautiful music video for ‘Just Breathe’-and it’s kind of a tearjerker.

With guitar picking, a harmonica, Willie Nelson’s signature southern voice and his son’s country twang, the Nelsons have definitely remade this classic ballad into a country song. Plus, it looks like the two had some serious father-son bonding time while filming the clip.

The video opens with Nelson and his son riding in a convertible with the top down on a beautiful, sunny day. For the next few minutes, it shows the two taking a short roadtrip: They stop to get gas, strum guitars on a picnic bench in front of a BBQ restaurant and kick back in a hotel while Lukas plays an electric guitar solo.

Sadly, at the end of the video, we see Willie riding alone into the sunset and Lukas playing guitar without his Dad in front of the restaurant. The clip tells the short story of a father driving his son to a new place and then leaving alone.

Pearl Jam originally released ‘Just Breathe’ on their ninth studio album, ‘Backslider,’ in 2009. Pearl Jam’s original cut is a beautiful song about the inevitability of death. But given Willie Nelson’s longstanding career, his age (he’s 79 now) and the thousands of miles he’s traveled as an iconic singer, his version of ‘Just Breathe’ sounds more urgent. You can see for yourself in the video.

Watch Willie Nelson’s Video for ‘Just Breathe’

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