Food, dancing, music and more all rolled up in one right here in Lubbock. Can you believe it?

Eleven Eleven is a twist between a club and restaurant, a  new spot where you can eat well and dance away all the calories. Robert Lee, the son of the owners of Royal Seafood, Lee's Cafe and Bucket of Love, opened up this place located at 1111 Main Street.

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They serve food like baked potatoes, chicken Alfredo bread bowl and a new chicken alfredo. Now I know you might have already been sold from the different types of food they have, but they always have desserts on their menu that I would be so wrong not to tell you about. From cheesecake balls, strawberry cheesecake balls and Oreo cheesecake balls, I'm thinking you would have to do a sampler because I don't know how you would pick from the three. But if it is as good as the pictures look I definitely want to check it out!

Photos from Robert Lee's Facebook
Photos from Robert Lee's Facebook

As for the alcohol, I can't be a nightclub without that, right? They're serving up normal drinks, but what really caught my eye was a strawberry daiquiri with strawberry boba. I mean, I've had it in a tea but with a daiquiri, that really caught my eye.

If you really want to get fancy with it, they even have a VIP area where you can really step up your game right here in Lubbock, Texas.

If you have any recommendations for new places to try or restaurants/food trucks we have not covered please reach out to me at, we would love to feature as much about Lubbock and the South Plains as we can. I look forward to talking with you.

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