The 4th of July weekend is being targeted for some serious traffic enforcement.

The Texas Department Of Public Safety is launching two campaigns this weekend, so that means twice the problems for flaky Lubbock drivers.

The first is Operation Holiday, which salutes one of Madonna's biggest singles. Okay, I'm just joking. Operation Holiday focuses on speeding, seatbelts and people driving under the influence.

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Next up is Operation Care, which salutes our favorite cartoon bears. Okay, I'm just joking again. Operation Care is about getting people to slow down and move over when there are emergency vehicles on the highway.

Texas DPS has all kinds of suggestions for safer driving this holiday weekend, most of which you've heard. This one is kind of new to me:

  • If you can Steer It, Clear It: If you are involved in a non-injury crash and your vehicle can be moved, clear the traffic lanes to minimize traffic impact. Leaving vehicles in a traffic lane increases traffic congestion and leaves those involved with an increased risk of harm or a secondary wreck. On some highways, if you don’t move your vehicle when it’s safe to do so, it’s against the

I've always heard that you were supposed to leave the vehicles right there after a traffic accident, so the whole "Steer it, Clear it" thing is new to me. That's a pretty good one for everyone to remember. Also remember, it says for "non-injury crash(es)."

The word is now out in Lubbock. State troopers will be out in force this 4th of July weekend, so be careful. Don't drink and drive, and have a safe 4th of July weekend.

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