Lubbock TikToker @ashleighmakesmusic shared a video of the line outside Lubbock's Social Security Administration office and, holy hell, you'd think they were waiting to buy tickets to see a concert or something. This looks like a bit of a problem.

In the comment section, the TikToker who shared the video said there was a woman in line that was 80+ years old waiting to get benefits. I don't know if you guys have noticed just how hot it is outside right now. It doesn't seem safe for people of that age to be stuck out in the sun waiting like that with zero shade.

She noted that the maximum capacity inside the building is 14.

Video viewers joked in the comments that it seems more appropriate for a line like that to be at the DMV. I visited our DMV not long ago, and now that you can schedule visits ahead online there was virtually no wait time at all. Waiting on social security services here in Lubbock seems much, much worse.

One commenter tried to make a joke about remembering when people had jobs as if every person in line is just trying to live off of the government or something. It's important to remember that people in line are there for lots of different things, including benefits for retirees, widows, widowers and children. The woman who shared the video said she was just there to get her name changed after getting married.

Check out the video below and comment on our Facebook page if you've experienced unusually high wait times in the summer sun outside the Lubbock Social Security Administration office.

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