We just happened to be out at Buffalo Springs Lake late Sunday afternoon when a rainbow arched its way across the western sky and the sound of acoustic guitar at the Marina captured our attention. Turns out it was a sign that something amazing was about to happen! It was the very first Sunday Night Acoustic Jam at Buffalo Bay Marina.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. The music was stellar. We were completely impressed and stuck around for all of it. An acoustic show is always so powerful. The music delivered a raw and gritty energy that showcased the artists in a real way. No excuses, nothing fancy -- just great music.

The bar whipped us up a couple of perfectly frosty drinks, and the fresh burger hot off the grill with curly fries rocked. We grabbed an umbrella-covered table with an awesome view of the stage. And look out now, because this night was about to get even better.

Truly great Lubbock musician Brian Lee Findley got things started with a rich voice and serious guitar work that drew us in. A little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll -- it felt just right and we knew this wasn't just another day at the beach. Findley really blew us away.

Jerry Slater and Brenda Williams, known as Sparky's Garden, took the stage next, with tremendous original folk music. It was acoustic guitar, tambourine, harmonica with a bass drum kicked in. This duo was smooth and seriously in sync. They sang to us, they talked to us. It was a small, intimate crowd, and they wove a story around us and into every song. We were hooked!

Next up was Dylan Jones. It was stunning and completely unexpected. His powerhouse rock vocals were an intense juxtaposition in the acoustic setting. Who knew an acoustic guitar could take a stage by storm, and that one voice could seize the night with such raw emotion and intense energy?

This 22-year-old musician's amazing talent took this show with a no-holds-barred approach. It played the same to this small group sitting out at the lake as one day, I could easily imagine, it may to a sold-out stadium full of screaming fans. This is talent on his way to great things. Keep an eye on Dylan Jones!

Since a rainbow had earlier set a magical tone for the afternoon, it was only fitting that as the sky darkened, a big, full, golden moon appeared just above the bluff to the east -- a crowning exclamation point to an absolutely incredible surprise of an evening. Sigh... is this a true story? Yes, it is!

Buffalo Bay Marina's Sunday Night Acoustic Jam keeps it real and makes it great. It's scheduled for 7-9 p.m. Sunday nights, but we can't thank these awesome artists enough for giving their all. Encores and requests kept the music rolling right through until 10.

I highly recommend heading out to find your true story at Buffalo Bay Marina. Burgers, fries, frozen margaritas and incredible music under the stars overlooking the lake and bluffs -- what could be better?

Look forward to seeing y'all out there!

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