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This week, the Texas Department of Transportation will begin work on a project to replace an off-system bridge on County Road 386 in Garza County.

The $847,050 project consists of demolishing the existing bridge on County Road 386 and then constructing a new bridge. Crews are said to begin work this week, and as a result, the bridge has been officially closed. Officials say the bridge has not been in use for awhile and won't impact traffic.

Funding for the bridge replacement project comes from the local, state, and federal level.

"Twenty percent of the project funds are local and state dollars. The other 80 percent is from the Highway Bridge Program, which is a federal-aid program that provides funding to states to improve the condition of their highway bridges—both on-system, which are state maintained bridges, and off-system, bridges under local government jurisdiction—through replacement, rehabilitation, and preventive maintenance."

Seve Sisneros, P.E., TxDOT Brownfield area engineer

Work is expected to be completed in late July, weather permitting.

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