We got to spend a few minutes with Trisha Yearwood after Garth Brooks' big Lubbock press conference. 

During our one-on-one, we discussed her cooking show "Trisha's Southern Kitchen," her Daytime Emmy nomination and what it's like writing music with her husband.

Yearwood said the origins of their song "What I'm Thankful For" can be traced back to her need for a song for a Thanksgiving episode of her TV show.

"We sat down, and talked about what was important to us, and we wrote this little piece that I did on this show. We just wrote a verse and chorus. And so, two years later when we started doing the Christmas album, Garth said, 'we should finish that song,'" Yearwood explained. "It became the last cut on the album, 'What I'm Thankful For.'"

And it turns out the two country stars play off each other perfectly.

"He is such a poet. I come with a story. I could write a book...I can tell a story, but I'm not good with the poetry of it and the rhyme of it. But he is. So I just kinda tell the story and then he writes it down," she explained.

Yearwood also shared the special meal her husband Garth Brooks cooks for her.

"[Garth] is a good cook. I can come in and say, 'I'm just not in the mood' or 'I got nothing,' and he makes this warm pasta salad that is like comfort food to me. It's a wonderful thing," Yearwood told us. "He makes it, I don't have to do anything, and it tastes amazing."

Yearwood revealed that her husband's love of experimenting in the kitchen has rubbed off on her...a little.

"I'm more of a 'this is the way my mom made it, and I'm going to make it exactly the way my mom made it,'" Yearwood said. "He's more like, 'why don't you try throwing a little this or that in.'"

You can watch both parts of our one-on-one interview with Trisha Yearwood in the videos above. Below, you can watch our one-on-one interviews with Garth Brooks in Lubbock, our multi-part phone interview with the country superstar and see Brooks and Texas Tech football head coach Kliff Kingsbury teaming up to inspire local kids.

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