Restaurant Business has released their list of their top 100 independents and some Texas restaurants have made their annual list!

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Among the best of the best from places like Chicago, Miami and New York, seven Texan restaurants have been added to this year's list!

According to Restaurant Business:

RB’s Top 100 Independents ranking is a measure of the highest-grossing independent restaurants. Only restaurant concepts with no more than five locations are considered “independents” for the purpose of this list. Rankings are based on gross 2021 food and beverage sales. Information was gathered through surveys. When data wasn’t provided, sales were estimated based on public information, similar concepts and other factors.

These 100 restaurants that made the list are truly a success, especially after a pandemic that threatened so many local businesses.

Starting at number 14, is Houston based restaurant Taste of Texas, which is described as "Big steaks from an on-site butcher shop draw hungry diners to this family-friendly steakhouse." Taste of Texas served approximately 356,894 meals in 2022.

At number 53 is Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo which is famous for it's 72-ounce steak challenge and kitschy decor. Big Texan Steak Ranch served approximately 451,265 meals in 2022.

At number 55 is Matt's El Rancho in Austin. Offering Austin's original Tex-Mex since 1952 has earned Matt's El Rancho a loyal following. Matt's El Rancho served approximately 546,044 meals in 2022.

At number 60 is Franklin Barbeque, also in Austin, where Texans and tourists wait in long lines for Aaron Franklin's famous brisket. Franklin Barbeque served approximately 300,000 meals in 2022.

At number 86 is Bistro 31 in Dallas, a European style cafe that offers French, Italian, and Spanish flavors. Bistro 31 served approximately 123,854 meals in 2022.

At number 92 is The Spot in Galveston where they serve burgers and wings beachside on an open-air deck with views. The Spot served approximately 585,000 meals in 2022.

And rounding out the top 100 at number 98 is Toulouse Cafe & Bar in Houston which is described as a stylish cafe with outdoor seating serving French classics and cocktails. Toulouse Cafe & Bar served approximately 113,609 meals in 2022.

You can view the whole list here.

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