While you look to the skies for Chinese spy balloons, you might want to keep an eye out for UFOs.

One of the most famous UFO sightings of all time happened right here in Lubbock, Texas. The difference with this one is the credibility of the sources. This was no hillbillies with "lost time" or people just looking for five minutes of fame on t.v, this was three Texas Tech professors who were just enjoying an evening when they spotted something in the sky.

That thing the professors saw was a series of lights that became known as the "Lubbock Lights". The professors claim to have saw lights as bright as stars flying in formation and while they discussed the first batch of lights a second group flew over.

Things got crazier five days later when a photographer got pictures of another group of lights. When presented with those pictures, the professors actually said the lights were not the same as the ones they saw.

All of this took place in August of 1951 and was investigated by the Air Force. The investigators determined that the "lights' were actually a type of bird that was reflecting light from the city's new street lights. There are many who laugh this conclusion off, while a few actually confirm it.

It's interesting to contemplate what possible UFOs could be looking for in Lubbock. Or one could postulate that maybe the UFOs made their way across much more of the U.S. but were just much more visible in the huge sky and low light pollution of a West Texas night. Sure it could have been the birds, and in fact, was most likely the birds, but I have to believe the statements made by the professors who said the lights were circular and traveling at a very high rate of speed call for further speculation.

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