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Job hunting can be a daunting and difficult task no matter how far into your career you are. However, it's especially challenging for recent graduates looking to break into the professional world after their time in school.

Even if you manage to land an interview, it's never guaranteed that you'll get the job. Then, there's the issue of the salary you'd wish to receive versus what a company is willing to pay you.

A lot of time companies will base your salary on your work experience. This is great for those who've been in the industry for a long time, but is not so great for recently graduated students. Employers will look at your resume, see when you finished school, and assume that you don't have the experience necessary for the job, or that you’d be okay being paid less since you're just starting out.

But what about students who recently graduated and were also working full-time while in school? Even though they just graduated, they could have just as much experience and expertise as the person who finished school four years ago and applying for the same job.

That's why you should remove your graduation year from your resume and any other platforms employers might find you on. That way they have to look at you strictly based on your experience rather than when you graduated. This could result in a higher likelihood of being hired and getting a more substantial paycheck.

Don’t believe me? Check out these videos of real-life professionals suggesting this technique.

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