This story is sponsored by Wilbanks Vacuum Center.

Wilbanks Vacuum Center (2149 50th Street) is really here for us and our vacuum cleaners, and that's good to know now when we need our vacuums the most.

I love going into the shop here. Every time I visit, I'm so impressed by the knowledge they share, the level of care they have for their customers and what a difference they can make in our lives by getting our vacuum cleaning needs on track.

You may not even think about how much precious extra time you're spending struggling with your vacuum cleaner, or you may not realize how much dirt your vacuum is actually leaving behind in your carpet. It may not be apparent how much dust and how many allergens are kicking out your vacuum's exhaust, but you don't need or want those particles playing havoc in your home!

Wilbanks Vacuum Center can service your vacuum and it's amazing to see what a good tune-up can do to get your life back up to speed and make clean up a breeze. No one wants to spend more time than needed diligently running their vacuum, and then not seeing results, especially now when it's so important to keep things clean, so stop in and let Wilbanks help. They can get your vacuum back on track, or help you to find a new solution!

This is a great family-owned business. They've been here in Lubbock for 47 years, so you can trust them every step of the way. You can share your cleaning issues with them and they can help answer all your questions. Plus they can do an incredible job setting your vacuum right, and if you need a new vacuum they have a wonderful selection and can help you understand exactly what each of their vacuums offer and what would be the best fit for you and your family.

Wilbanks has found that you really do need a machine that uses a bag. The bag is the most reliable way to capture fine dust. Additionally, vacuums with bags require less maintenance, last longer, and do a much more thorough job all around. You can get your dirt, dust, and pet hair under control!

Wilbanks is dedicated to our Lubbock community and wants to help in our full recovery during this difficult time. They will service your vacuum at a special $47 price in honor of their 47th anniversary in Lubbock (tell them you heard about this special at Lonestar 99.5). They will thoroughly clean and sanitize your vacuum, as well as offer curbside service if you need it.

The store is open and you can also call them 9 a.m. through 6 p.m. to ask for curbside service if you're not comfortable going inside. Call (806) 792-3718, or follow this link to their website for hours and details.

Trust the Wilbanks Family at Wilbanks Vacuum Center to help. They've been selling the very best vacuums and servicing the rest here in Lubbock since 1973.

We really are so fortunate to have this terrific family always working hard to help us with all of our vacuum cleaning needs. You will love them like I do. Stop by and visit them today.

Wilbanks Vacuum Center

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