Lonestar talked to Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden and Information Officer Aaron Sims about gearing up for ATV Season (listen). We covered some vital information you will need before jumping on you ATV this spring.

Make sure you have your helmet and eye protection Sims advises. "Eye protection is something many people don't think about, but if you get on a windy day like this... dust in your eye, and you're operating your ATV at a high speed, you may lose control and hurt yourself or others.So make sure you have your helmet and eye protection," Sims said.

Sims advises us to make sure, that if our ATV or UTV is equipped with seat belts that we have those engaged.

"That's going to help you if you do end up getting in a situation to where you roll over or if you go off a cliff. which has unfortunately happened at Buffalo Springs." Sims said.

According to Sims recent press release many serious accidents have occurred along the cliffs of Buffalo Springs Lake.

It's important that you have an OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) decal on you ATV/UTV/4X4 Truck as well. Sims explained that anytime you operate on a public property like Buffalo Springs Trails the decal is required.

The OHV decal can be purchased for $16 on line or at the Texas Parks and Wildlife office in Lubbock at 1702 Landmark Lane.

There are age requirement for ATV/UTV operation. You must be 14 or older to operate an ATV/UTV on your own. If you're younger than 14 you need the direct supervision of a legal guardian or an adult authorized by that guardian.

There is also an ATV/UTV Safety Course you can take which is very valuable and will assist with your riding technique in addition to offering key safety information.for your off-roading adventures.

We also talked to Sims about safety checks and some other great ideas that will help you prepare to enjoy your ATV/UTV safely this season, listen to the full interview above.

As always Sims has some great insight and solid information to help us avoid potential risks and other related problems. We really appreciate all that he and the TPWD do to help keep us safe!



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