Now the results from this survey really did shock me.

We know when you are in college you want something quick, easy and cheap. Well this survey done by BrokeScholar might shock you about what they found out about Texas Tech college students.

With inflation making really hard to eat cheap, they have seen an increased cost of eating out up to 8.6% over 2021, and the war in Ukraine has helped balloon the cost of frying oil 53%.

But student budgets haven’t gone away, they are still looking at ways to eat cheap. BrokeScholar decided to compare the reviews of fast-food spots within a 2-mile radius of America’s college campuses to find out who’s eating fast, cheap, and good.

The findings may shock you.

Sandwiches are the most popular national food type. Five Guys classic burgers dominate the South, with 10 college towns saying its burgers are A1. Sandwiches are the most popular food type overall, with 15 college towns giving their top ranking to a sandwich shop.


Above shows how out of all of the colleges these three were the top choices. Blaze Pizza is not in Lubbock and there currently is not a Jersey Mikes close to Texas Tech campus.

There are the top choices they saw for Texas Tech campus:

National Chain #1: Five Guys
Regional Chain #1: Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers
Local Chain #1: Slim Chickens

Are you curious about other Texas school findings? Here were their results: 
University of Texas: Potbelly Sandwich Shop (N), In-N-Out Burger (R), and Henbit (L).
University of Houston: Jimmy John's (N), Whataburger (R), and Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken (L).
Texas A&M: Blaze Pizza (N), Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers (R), and Layne's (L).

Now I went to school at Texas Tech and know for sure when I was there it would have been that Chick-fil-a right by campus. It is always fast and easy but according to this survey that is not what they got.

You can see the full study here.

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