GUYS: If all you want to see is a pretty face dancing around in front of the camera in skin tight dresses...then mute it before hitting play. This girl's voice is GUARANTEED to make you want to hit stop even if you want to keep watching.

YouTube user gnesamusic decided to upload her very first hit 'Wilder' last week. So far, it's gotten over 300,000 hits! I'm sure she might think this is a good thing until she reads the comments and finds out it's not because people like it.

Poor girl.

Yes, this is one of those videos that is going to have a million bazillion trillion hits by the end of the week only because everyone is going to be showing to their friends for a good laugh.

This is also one of those videos that makes me wish the internet WAS censored. Maybe it would've saved hundreds of pairs of ears their misery.

Some of the comments describe it as "atrocious, abominable, awful, dreadful, painful, terrible, deplorable, distressing, lamentable, pitiful, sad, sorry, incompetent and unskilled..." and that's just from one response!

I particularly enjoyed the sarcastic response from JosNwGE:

"Never have I heard such a beautiful voice matched with such inspiring, thought provoking lyrics. Before watching this video I felt a bit lost in life, not sure of which direction to go. Gnesa your words "follow the night" mean more to me then you could ever know - Thank You !!!!!"

Before watching this video remember: you can't say you weren't warned!