The City of Lubbock has apparently recognized that we have problems with flooding.

The City now has a flood questionnaire because everyone in charge of this mess was stricken blind or is new to the town.  Here's an idea, why don't you just knock on the door of the guys who have to put up the signs that say "ROADS MAY FLOOD". Maybe I'm a dummy, but I believe those guys know exactly where the trouble areas are. Oh, yeah, they could just go outside and look at the puddle too, because those puddles become the big puddles that become lakes (damn, I'm smart).

All of this just seems like a giant stall tactic to get them through to the non-rainy season, where they'll conveniently forget about the flooding again until the next big rain. If they actually wanted to study flooding, they'd just go outside during a flood (I'm starting to think I'm seriously too smart for this town).  So with that, I present:

The Top 9 Signs It's Flooding In Lubbock

9. The Buddy Holly Stature is now wearing a  swimsuit

8. Tech students still run into houses, but now sometimes in boats

7. Fish swim across Quaker, seriously, fish swim across Quaker

6. When Joyland reopens, you'll have to wear scuba gear

5. This week's halftime entertainment at Jones AT & T Stadium is guest star Shamu

4. Josies now has a swim-up window

3. Tiny diving boards have been installed at Prairie Dog Town

2. Every time it rains, I jetski to work

1. Brian Mudd is now 56% muddier

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We've got to protect the children.

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