New Home is an area that's definitely still growing, so when a new place opened up I was very intrigued. The Spot Market & Cafe is a locally owned-and-operated one-stop shop for meals, plus a market.

They're opened six days a week and closed on Sundays. It's a twist between American food and Tex-Mex. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner with specials on Tuesdays and Thursday. All the food is fresh and cooked by their chef daily. If you saved room for dessert or just want something to satisfy that sweet tooth, they also have desserts, ice cream and Frios.

The owner who started J. Ferg are the owners of this businesses as well and their goal is to literally make this 'The Spot' in New Home. While it's not that far from Lubbock, they wanted to give local residents a place to run and grab something quick and easy.

Photo by: Kelsee Pitman
Photo: Kelsee Pitman

While they have food and a market, they also have an outdoor patio and seating for family fun. It has cornhole, a giant Connect 4, live music on Friday nights and so much more. If you don't want to go in and just want to head home, they have a drive-thru to quickly grab and pick up food.

You can check out The Spot at their official website for more details and even order online. I tried a lot of things when I stopped by, but their twisted fries and BBQ Melt (pictures below) were my favorite. The fries were so crispy, and honestly just writing about them makes me ready to go back today.

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