There's a powerful story behind Aaron Watson, his amazing success and his fantastic new music. As we ramp up for his Lubbock concert on February 2nd at the Fair Park Coliseum with special guests Josh Ward and Jon Wolfe, Lonestar 99.5 spoke to this humble West Texas country star.

It was just like talking to a great friend, and Aaron Watson couldn't have been more down-to-earth and grateful for his fans and his success. His heart is on his sleeve. He's passionate about his Texas roots, and when you talk about his family, it's incredibly sweet to hear how his little girl picks his hit song to be released.

"My little girl said this song ("Kiss That Girl Goodbye") has girl power...I've got a 9-year-old girl picking the song that's going to be my nationwide, ya know, radio release. You know, well she's always right, so I might as well let her pick the song," Watson told me. "I mean, she's always right like her mother, always right."

Watson also shared the story behind that song. He said that at one of his shows, there was a girl on the merch line crying. (Yes, the singer comes 'round front to talk to his fans after his shows!) She told him her boyfriend had just broken up with her at the show.

"And I think I told her that she just needed to kiss that jerk goodbye or something like that," Watson explained. From there, "Kiss That Girl Goodbye" evolved into his new powerhouse single.

His new album, Red Bandana, is set to be released in June. Watson told us he wrote all the songs on that album by himself. There are 20 songs to signify the 20 years he's been making records.

Watson's dedication to his fans is inspiring. He truly puts them first. He loves to come out after his shows and spend time with everyone there. You have to love Aaron Watson, truly one of the most talented an hardest working, dedicated Texas Country musicians in the industry.

In the highlight clips below, you can hear the true story behind his new single, what he shared about his 9-year-old daughter, and his gratitude to his fans for his success. We also talked about how Larry Gatlin was his mentor, his work with Willie Nelson, his Christmas album, and much more.

Many thanks to Aaron Watson for taking the time to call in. We really appreciate him and his incredible talent and wish him tremendous future success!

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He's happy for his success and incredibly grateful to his fans

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