How does a fresh-brewed beer sound? Soon there will be a new place near Lubbock to tie one on.

It all started when two best friends and married couples wanted to start a small-scaled country brewery. They found a great place where the old Astro Mart used to be and sell liquor back in the 60s and it all came to place. Now they are renovating it and wanting to make it your next place to enjoy a cold one.

The new place is called The Dusty Moth Brewing Company and it's located between Slaton and Idalou.

The two couples taking on this great venture are Ben and Diana Wilkinson and Brian and Meghan Smith. Ben and Brian have actually been friends since 1989 and grew up in Colorado City. They moved away from each other and about 10 years ago and Ben started brewing beer at his house. He actually even gave some out at Brian and Meghan's wedding and it was a big hit.

A few weeks later, the couples met up and had a crazy idea to open up a brewery. They knew Lubbock was the right fit because they loved Texas Tech University and Lubbock has a special place in their hearts.

The name The Dusty Moth Brewing Company might seem crazy to y'all, but it actually has a story behind it. When Ben and Diana were living in Sweetwater before they moved here to take on this adventure, Meghan screamed, "Ben, there’s a bat in the house!" Well, apparently it was, in fact, a moth, not a bat, so he released it outside. The 'moth' in the brewery's name came from that story, while 'dusty' is a little more obvious: it's what's Lubbock is known for. Putting them together, they had their unique name.

If you're not already sold to check out this new brewery and all the fun to be had, Ben said "we are a rustic-themed brewery. I’ve designed and built every piece of brewing equipment by my own hands with the help of Brian and our wives."

The Dusty Moth
The Dusty Moth

They actually bought a dairy system and are going to repurpose it so it can become a 5 bbl brewing system. How cool! Ben said he has even built smaller 1 bbl systems all the way from the ground up.

"Brian and have done every aspect of work on the building, deconstruction, plumbing, cement work, electrical, etc. We are taking on no investors and are paying for everything out of pocket," said Ben. "I think our hard work and ingenuity represent the type of people that built West Texas."

I can't wait to see their finished product and all their hard work pay off. They both have day jobs, but they hope to start selling beer in the fall near Ransom Canyon.

The brewery will be located at 2605 FM 400 Slaton, Texas. You can find out more about them on their official website.

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