If you're ready to go for mouthwatering, surefire, amazing pancakes that are always special, these 10 commandments should help!

Pancakes are always fun, seldom ordinary and one of my favorite things to have for breakfast on the weekend.

There are however some things you just need to really make them special and keep them from getting boring!  So here are 10 Commandments, to keep in mind if you're going for 'AMAZING with your pancakes!

1. They must be made from scratch (simple ingredients flour, sugar,salt baking powder, egg, buttermilk, butter) You can follow this link for my recipe!

2. They must be fluffy and made with love and tender loving care.

3. They must be moist and not crumbly. Don't over-stir the batter, it needs some lumps!

4  Baking powder must be fresh- it does not last forever! I found out the hard way!

5. To be taken seriously they must be big, bold, round and stackable.

6. They must be golden not burnt.

7. You must fry them with real butter for the best crispy edges and flavor.

8. You must use real maple syrup, and it must be warm.

9. All ingredients need to be fresh, you can check your eggs by expiration date on the box of course and by dunking in water to make sure it doesn't do the expired egg float.

10. You must eat them immediately while they are still fresh and steaming from the griddle with the butter melting on top and the maple syrup just dripping down the edges. Yumm-mm-mm!

This is how, for sure you've got the most amazing pancakes. Additionally fruit on top like strawberries, blueberries and bananas is fantastic. I love an egg on top and of course bacon or sausage on the side.

So now are you inspired for pancakes this weekend? Here is that link again to my favorite pancake recipe.Enjoy!!



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