This is something that has been on my bucket list to go to but I have never had the opportunity. If you are like me, now might be our chance.

It was announced that The Lights Festival is supposed to be coming to Lubbock on February 17th but that actually might not be the case.

The festival normally starts hours before sunset with live music, food trucks and other entertainment. Once it’s dark, light lanterns will be released into the sky.

For the festival, adult tickets are $48 while children’s tickets are $12. Each adult ticket includes a packet containing a lantern and a marker. Children’s tickets include a fun kit and no lantern.

But you may wait to buy those tickets or get your hopes up. I reached out to The Lubbock Dragway and they said this event might not be happening.

"We have talked on the phone and agreed on dates, etc. They were supposed to come sign contract and pay deposit for the weekend they are reserving on December 6th and that did not happen. They started to sell tickets online even though we had specifically talked about them not selling tickets until payment and contract were completed. That is where we started advising people not to buy tickets at this time, as I don't want people to buy tickets for an event that is not officially scheduled with us yet. I talked to them again last week and he told he was going to try to fly here on January 5th, which is today and I have not heard from them since. If and when contract is signed and rental fee paid then we will assure people that it is ok to buy tickets. Right now we suggest people wait to buy tickets. They were supposed to suspend tickets sales as per our last conversation."

Because of this information, I would wait for The Lubbock Dragway to confirm before buying any tickets. We will keep you updated if or when they decide.

For more information on The Lights Festival, visit their website here.

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