A popular bar in Lubbock has closed down.

The Library Bar has been around in Lubbock for a long time. A lot of people of all ages, even college students, have lots of memories at this bar.

People in town were shocked when they went to the Depot District to find out they were closed.

It first started with a sign on their door saying they had been evicted for not paying their rent. That has been there for a while now and it looks like that is not changing for a while.


You can read more about that code here.

Now their website and Google page both are closed as well. So I hope you got to check out The Library before they closed because it sounds like the only chance of you getting to check it out is if someone else buys it.


I have been there lots of times and had fun. There were always a ton of people there and even lines sometimes like in the photo at the top.

Thankfully there are a lot of other awesome bars you can check out at the Depot District until something happens with that building located at 1701 Texas Ave, Lubbock, TX.

You can go to Blue Light Live, The Garden, Shot Gun Sue's, Tom's Daiquiri Place, Kong's, Bodine's Cocktail Parlor, and a few more.

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