If there was ever a doubt, the fastest posted speed limit in the country can be found in the Lone Star State.

Texans are familiar with driving on roadways with 70 or 75-mph speed limits. There are even a few sections of highways where 80 mph is the maximum speed but this road is even faster.

The highest speed limit in the United States is outside of Austin. Texas State Highway 130 where the speed limit tops out at 85 mph. Running from Austin to San Antonio in Central Texas, Texas State Highway 130 opened to the public in 2012 to incentivize drivers, particularly truckers, to take the highway over I-35. The 85 mph segment runs about 41 miles.

SH 130 holds the record for the highest speed limit in the country – 10-15 mph higher than the average highway in the US.

According to Uproad, US roads are designed “to reflect the speed at which over 80% of drivers would comfortably drive without posted limits.”According to the website of the road, 98 percent of I-35 drivers experience a delay of over 20 minutes during the afternoon peak, there is a 30 percent chance for a driver timeout on I-35 due to unexpected delays, and drivers are 5X more likely to experience an accident on I-35 – which it calls “the most congested roadway in Texas”.

Drivers on SH 130 average save 30 minutes during afternoon peak; the average speed on I-35 is 27 mph.

What Does Texas Law Say About Speed Limits?

Texas law sets the maximum posted speed limit at 70 mph, but there are a few exceptions. The Texas Transportation Commission is allowed to bump up the speed limit in certain sections to 75, 80 and 85 mph, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. The speed limit can be raised if the highway is deemed safe and reasonable after a traffic or engineering study.

Speed limits on state highways can be set by either the commission or by the city government if it's within city limits.

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