Well, it's finally happening, the sad day we thought was never going to come. All the Furr's Fresh Buffet in Lubbock have been demolished.

Furr's was forced to close during the pandemic in March and said they were going to open once Texas lifted its mandate but that did not happen back in May when the mandate was 100 percent lifted. Then a year after that they tore down the one off of Loop 289.

Now two years later they have taken down the last location in Lubbock that was still standing. This one is off of Slide Road near the mall.

This means we will no longer have an option to eat their awesome all-you-can-eat buffet. The South Plains Mall location closed back in 2019.

We do know back in April 2021 the owner of Furr's Fresh Buffet filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the northern district of Texas, but that was the last thing we heard. We all kept holding out hope until we heard the sad news in March 2022 that they are taking down the building.

This is a sad day for the area because Furr's was an iconic name around the area, a restaurant people loved going to. Furr's first opened in Hobbs, New Mexico in 1946, back then known as Furr's Cafeteria. The company opened a pie shop in Lubbock in 1969.

Back in 2022, we were also told that KPOT was opening a location at the old Furr's off Slide but now that the building is demolished it does not look like that is happening.

The last time I spoke with someone from KPOT they said they were still coming so hopefully they will be building there or found a new location.

According to their website, Lubbock was taken off their coming soon list.

There is an all-you-can-eat place coming to Lubbock. It will have all-you-can-eat sushi, hibachi, and hot pot. It should be opening soon near Indiana and 82nd Street.

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