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Sometimes your dream home is just going to remain your dream home.

A woman from Tyler, Texas has been arrested after claiming she had over $100 million dollars in her bank account. She claimed that she had that much money in her bank account so she could allegedly purchase a home that was listen for over $1 million dollars.

According to KAMC, the 27-year-old woman was charged with forgery for greater than $300,000, which is a first degree felony. The warrant that was issued for her arrest stated that the accused, Mary Strobel, along with a man who hasn't been charged yet, contacted a real estate agent about a home that was listed for $1.2 million dollars.

According to the outlet, the two met with the seller and came to an agreement. Of course, the sellers wanted proof that Strobel actually had the money. Strobel and the man allegedly showed proof of funds that showed she had $110 million in a single bank account.

She did not, according to the report:

The earnest money was reportedly never received by the title company and the sellers contacted the bank listed in the proof of funds document. A manager at the branch said that “there is not an amount relevantly close to the $110 million that they claimed on the fraudulent form.” The manager also said that his own signature on the form was forged, according to the warrant.

An investigator with Tyler police contacted Strobel and the warrant states that she answered questions with “complete dishonesty” and he decided to end the interview since “she kept lying about every question…”

That allegedly wasn't Strobel's only lie.

According to the warrant, Strobel lied at different times about being pregnant with triplets or quadruplets, depending on who she was talking to. The realtor said Strobel never appeared pregnant. I would assume that someone would be able to tell if a woman was pregnant with 3 or 4 babies.

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