It's my favorite time of the year again because the skeletons are back! Have you seen the changing scene of skeletons at this home in Wolfforth? (Photos are below.)

The Barrett Family started this tradition as a fun way to let the neighborhood enjoy Halloween and it took off. Starting with only a couple of skeletons, they now own a 12-foot-one to show off their charm.

Every day during the month of October, you can head on out to the Barrett house, located at 312 Sooner Street in Wolfforth, Texas, and enjoy a new skeleton scene. Don't be spooked; pictures are a must when you go.

If you can't make it by the home every day to see the skeletons, don't fret. You can check them out at a special Facebook page where Stacey posts pictures for everyone to enjoy.

2022 Barrett Family Skeletons in Wolfforth, Texas

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