During this time, we should be looking to help out those in need. At the Ox Ranch, they have said f*** it and literally burned that bridge.

Just a quick reminder, don't be a jerk and hoard supplies right now. I have no idea why people are hoarding toilet paper. Does everybody in Wichita Falls have irritable bowel syndrome? That is the only reason you need 10 mega packs of toilet paper. Not because of the coronavirus.

If you walk down your local toilet paper aisle, options are low or non-existent right now. Over in Uvalde, Texas, they're stocked up. In fact so stocked up, they took a flamethrower to around fifty to sixty rolls of toilet paper. I'm sure some folks would have loved that toilet paper in their town. So why did they do it? The video provided opportunities for cheaper marketing, philanthropy and keeping his employees paid through the challenging times brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

I'm not sure how burning toilet paper equals paying his employees. Step One: Burn toilet paper. Step Two: ? Step Three: Profit. He has now said this was all apart of a philanthropy project. I think he has only now said this because of all the bad press he has gotten.

He has now donated $10,000 to first responders and medical facilities. His original plan was $100 per roll that was burnt, he decided to increase that donation. The ranch is also sending out more than 75 care packages to individuals who have emailed requests asking for toilet paper. The owner said the demand for help was "far greater" than the amount of toilet paper that was bought to produce the video, so the ranch's stock is now being used for donations.

He says he is in the business of offending people since he owns a hunting ranch. Which I understand, some people will think you're a jerk simply for being in that business. However, during this time, now is not the time to be a jerk. Now is the time to come together and help out your neighbors if you can.

Imagine if he had donated all that money and goods. All the good press he would have gotten for that. Instead, had to make a viral video and respond after the fact and do something good.

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