A fire occurred in Eastern Lubbock County at a very popular and one of a kind location. Emergency crews were dispatched at 3:47 p.m. to a grass fire near a home in Ransom Canyon. At the scene emergency crews discovered that the Bruno Steel House was actually on fire instead.

KAMC news reported that Ransom Canyon Chief of Police James Hill confirmed that the Bruno Steel House was on fire with the extent of the damage being in the part of the Steel House with insulation. The Bruno Steel House was recently purchased in September of this year after artist Roberto Bruno's daughter put it up for sale in October 2021.

The Bruno Steel House is expected to be turned into a vacation rental by it's new owners who hope to finish the interior. The fire was reportedly caused by welding, it is not known if that welding had anything to do with the plans to finish the house as reported by Texas Monthly.

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