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Across Texas, the number of traffic deaths in 2021 increased dramatically and that was with a pandemic keeping a lot of people working from home and cutting down on the amount of places they went. Still, the number of people killed in auto accidents reached numbers not seen since 1981.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, speeding was involved in 34% of crashes in 2021. The latest statistics from TxDOT show that speeding was the main reason for 163,756 traffic accidents in Texas last year. 6,493 had serious injuries, and 1,532 of those accidents resulted in deaths.

Across the state for much of this month, different police departments are partnering in Operation Slowdown. From Abilene, to Wichita Falls, down to Austin and beyond, police departments will be focusing on speeding. According to KVUE, drivers across the state can expect more enforcement and more citations.

The department is now partnering with law enforcement agencies around the state as they boost their efforts to enforce speed limits during "Operation Slowdown" from June 7-21. In addition to issuing citations, officials will be spending extra time driving around Texas to remind drivers what safe speeds look like.

Texas Department of Transportation Executive Director Marc Williams told KVUE in Austin that speed is "the number one factor in roadway crashes in our state, causing one out of every three traffic deaths.

So as you are driving around the state this month just know that many police agencies are looking for you and anyone else that decides they want to speed. Slow down, take it each, and enjoy the drive. Most of all, drive safe.

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