We in Lubbock, Texas are suffering with the worst heat and the driest year on record which leaves many folks having to ask for help when it comes to paying their electricity bills.  But, there may be help on the way. Well, there WAS help on the way.  In a climate that we've seen our own electric company turn the power off of a property without even inspecting to see who or what is inside that they are leaving behind.  Record heat, on a Friday afternoon, holiday weekend, and power being shut off by mistake with absolutely no apologies.  You would think there might be help for those who need it the worst.  The BAD news is, the help WAS there.  The State of Texas collected 130 million dollars to help folks that need it, get there power restored.  Only 28 million of the 130 has actually been used to restore power for Texas needing power.  You ask why isn't the state of Texas doing what they promised to do?.  State lawmakers have "locked up" the money to deal with their budget shortfall this year.  Texas is spending only half as much to help those in need as they were a decade ago.  The sad part is, we the taxpayers will never know what happened to the balance of the money earmarked to help out the people who need it.

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