Global Bacon Shortage is a Horrible Reality
We really don’t like to be the bearers of bad news. It makes us feel all sad and weird, like ‘Gangnam Style’ in an elevator. But this time, we feel that it’s necessary to relay said bad news, if only for your health: there is going to be a global…
The 10 Most Deadly Foods on the Planet
Sometimes the food you eat is trying to kill you. Not in the traditional sense, with saturated fat, refined sugars and cholesterol. There are a few foods out there that can literally end your life if improperly prepared, or at the very least make you terribly sick. While you probably won’t encounter…
A Potluck Protest At Overton Park
It was an answer to the city shutting down some people who were feeding the homeless. The city pointed to an ordinance that said the folks need a permit, even though they had been feeding the homeless with home cooked food for two years.
Turkey Legs Everywhere For The Fourth!
Celebration of the Fourth of July went as planned Monday with thousands lining Broadway watching the parade. Rain clouds teased before the sun broke through as the street fair opened with treats galore! But, what's the crowd's favorite?
Cereal Lovers, Here Are Your Top Five
One of the most popular breakfast foods is cereal. And there are some that have been around for years like Post Toasties, Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Raisin Bran, Pops, etc. But what would you guess are the top five? Click to find out.
Supertasters Taste Certain Foods Differently
Just recently a friend commented on Facebook that she didn't like the taste of arugula. Now, personally I like it in a salad mixed in with other greens, mind you. Not by itself since it's pretty potent. Maybe my friend is a 'supertaster' as was suggested in one of the many commen…
High School Students are Drinking Less Soda [VIDEO]
— A new study shows one in four high school students drink soda every day — a sign fewer teens are downing the sugary drinks.
The study also found teens drink water, milk and fruit juices most often which is a pleasant surprise, because researchers weren't certain that was the cas…
Inventor Of Pringles Buried In Pringles Can
In the 1960s Proctor and Gamble commissioned one of their scientists, Frederic Baur to invent a new potato chip. He came up with a saddle-shaped potato/dough mixture called a "Pringle"(aptly named after a street near the P&G plant) and the can to keep them in. Click to read more.

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