Life is full of changes with some being much more consistent while others have the feel of swaying in the general direction the wind feels like going on a given day. Texas is no different than anywhere else with experience a lot of fluctuations in just about every part of daily life for the last few years, and most always point to one catalyst, Covid-19.

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Without a doubt, Covid-19 definitely brought a wave of new ways to do things, and the end to several of the old ways at the same time. The definitions of buzz words like supply chain, social distancing, and new normal have already changed in the past 3 years.

There is no reason to downplay Covid-19's impact on the whole world, but the largest event to have an actual tangible effect on this whole country in the past couple of years is inflation.

What does inflation have to do with SNAP benefits?


If you haven't noticed, the price of everything has gone up, and the value of the US Dollar hasn't been able to keep pace. If you're not spending more on food items than you did each of the 3 previous years it's because the amount of that item you are buying has been reduced.

Food manufacturers like to disguise the total volume an item holds by maintaining the same deceptive packaging size, but that only works for so long. Eventually they have to reduce the packaging to not give up the extra revenue from selling you less for the same price.

SNAP benefits are temporarily increasing in October to help offset the wild inflation food costs have been experiencing.

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