My father was – and still is – a musician.  He plays trumpet, guitar, harmonica, keyboard, banjo and really just about any instrument that he picks up.  Before I was born he played in several bands across the US and has even had the opportunity to play for Chicago!

My mother met my father in a club in Oklahoma City and as my dad says “followed him across the country until he married her!”  They are still married…

Before I was born my father heard a song on a 1967 movie called “Gunfight in Abilene” – the song was “Amy” by Bobby Darin.

My father thought it was such a beautiful song and loved the name “Amy” that he decided if he ever had a little girl that’s what he would name her.

Fast forward several years and he did exactly that; he named me Amy.

I’ve heard the song and I LOVE the song…I love the song so much and think it is special that I want to have the music notes of the song tattooed on my side!

So, as we are gearing up for the Seize the Deal Auction that will begin on this website on June 2nd with over $50,000 worth of goods and services – there is one item that you better believe I will be bidding on… $300 Gift Certificate to Dark Cherry Tattoo!!

Oh sure – there are plenty of other items that I would love to have such as jewelry, a $500 catering package and a Michael Kors collection from Dillard’s – but I REALLY want that tattoo!

If you would like to see what other items are available to bid on for Seize the Deal then check out the Auction Preview – then get ready to start bidding on June 2nd through June 6th at 7pm!

And take a minute to listen to "Amy" by Bobby Darin.

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