13 Years Ago
8:25 a.m. - Odessa, Texas - 13 years ago
It was a rare occasion that my husband woke up early to take our son to pre-school instead of me having to do it, but on this day he did and I was the one that got to sleep in. I was grateful for this opportunity as I had worked late the night before doing an …
Remembering 9/11
11 years ago on this day, too many Americans lost their lives, many lost their loved ones, but one nation stood together to face it together.
9/11 Memorial Service at United Spirit Arena
In remembrance of those fallen during that tragic time and to celebrate and honor the first responders in the Lubbock Community, Trinity Church will be hosting a service, Forever Remember 9/11 at the United Spirit Arena Sunday, September 11th at 10 a...