Now, I’m not talking about all those young whippersnappers out there but after you’ve lived a few years you’ll probably have an opinion on this. What is the happiest year for most people? A recent survey reported in the Associated Press found that 70% of respondents over the age of 40 said they did not find true happiness until they were 33 years old.

According to psychologist Donna Dawson at 33 you have surpassed childhood naivety and stressful teen years, but you still have the enthusiasm of youth. "33-year-old celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Adam Levine and Katie Holmes seem to be enjoying a wealth of success.”

I’ll have to agree. Thirty-three was a good year for me. Looking back at that time I had just married (to a fabulous man this time), my education was complete, no real aches and pains and no children. Ah, those were the days! But then again, there are some of those days in my early thirties I wouldn't go back to for the world. But generally speaking that 33rd one was a great year. What's your best--or happiest age?