Is Lubbock just a bunch of grinches?

If you're going solely off of holiday spending, it would appear so.

Lubbock ranks no. 368th out of 500 major cities according to this study from Wallet Hub.

Lubbockites on average spend about $543 on the holidays (seems reasonable to me). Midland, or as I call it, Bizzaro Lubbock South, came in way higher on the list at no. 11 with an average holiday budget of $1,752. Even Amarillo beats us at $612, or spot #282.

Midland isn't even the highest spender in Texas, though. League City is at no. 2 in the whole country, with an average of $2,362 spent. I have never heard of League City, but it sounds like where a B-List superhero would grow up. Seems like League City Man got a powerwheels every Christmas.

At least we aren't the lowest from Texas on the list. College Station is at $363 spent and spot no. 523.

This is the point at which I state the obvious: How much you spend on Christmas shouldn't matter. Spending time and loving on your friends and family is what matters. I know it doesn't cost my mom that much to make a batch of her famous homemade Christmas Kahlua. But every single one of our friends and family members looks forward to sipping it together all December long. (Except the kids of course. Why would you waste good liquor on children?)


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