One of Lubbock's most overlooked statue/monument is the Stubbs BBQ memorial at the legendary address of 108 East Broadway. Stubbs BBQ became home for many musicians whether from Lubbock or not. From Joe Ely and the Flatlanders to Stevie Ray Vaughan, whenever they were hungry, Stubbs fed them. "There will be no bad talk or loud talk in this place," and there wasn't. There was plenty of home grown respect and homemade side's for everybody at Stubbs BBQ. Stubbs was known nationwide after TV appearances and the marketing of his BBQ sauce and brisket marinade made it to almost every store in the U.S. The Stubbs BBQ in Austin is still alive with music and incredible food, but the Stubbs in Lubbock is long gone. Here is what's left of Stubbs BBQ at 108 East Broadway in Lubbock, Texas.