If you are ready to get into the spirit of Halloween you have come to the right place. That place is a short drive from Amarillo. I am talking about less than forty-five minutes between you and this greatness.

After Dark Tours

There is a tour happening that will get you ready for Halloween. This tour is complete with spooky ghost stories. If that doesn't make the hair on your arms stand up a bit I don't know what will.

Goodnight, Texas, is the place to be on October 22nd when they open up the Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight Ranch for this spooktacular event. Oh, and did I mention it is totally free?

The site of this tour is the Goodnight Ranch, the first ranch in the Texas Panhandle. It was established in 1876 by Charles Goodnight. So you know they have stories to tell. Making sure they are told at night will definitely make this a worthwhile trip.

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So when you have an area that has nearly one hundred and fifty years of history there are going to be some great spooky old-west ghost stories. Those will be the stories that will stick with you and your family for years.

There will be two separate tours on October 22nd. One will start at 7 pm and the other one at 8 pm. Even though the event is free you will still have to get registered to attend. If you wear your Halloween costume that is even better. Get as much use out of that thing as possible. I mean don't leave it just for Halloween night. They cost enough.

To get registered you can call 806-670-5627 to make sure you have a spot. They are limiting each tour to twenty people. Make sure your family is included in the numbers.

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