Terri Gibbs came out in the early 80's with a song that would climb into the country music Top Ten and crossover into the Adult Contemporary Top 5. It would be her only really big hit.


Right after Terri was born she became blind due to complications from a premature birth. She grew up in a musical family and by the age of three she was playing the piano.

She picked up on several styles of music from rock and roll, to soul and gospel. She also listen to a lot of country music as well as Ray Charles.

After high school, she would travel to Nashville and recorded demos in the hopes of securing a recording contract.

In 1980 it finally happened, and Gibbs signed with MCA. The first song that was released was "Somebody's Knockin'". It was a mixture of country and soul.

In 1986 she took a break from the face pace life of country singer. The next year she would be singing gospel.

But "Somebody's Knocking'" is one of those songs that when folks here it, they say, Oh yeah, I remember that!