Inflation means an increase. Prices get bigger so they inflate. It makes sense even if you're not an economist. We are all paying more these days as prices go through the roof.

To avoid raising prices, some of our favorite products are trying to pull the wool over our eyes by shrinking the size or number of items you get, while keeping the price the same. Economists call this Shrinkflation.   Sometimes, the change is designed to be as subtle as possible so you don't notice.

I notice.

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So far, I've noticed a lot of items selling for the same price, but they have shrunk.  Folgers Coffee is not 43.5 ounces instead of 51 ounces. Cottonelle Ultra Clean Care toilet paper has shrunk from 340 sheets per roll to 312. Walmart's Great Value Paper towels have shrunk from 168 sheets per roll to only 120.

Here is a list of some of the items that are no longer quite as big as they used to be.

Products That Have Shrunk Due To Shrinklation

Inflation means bigger prices and smaller sizes. Here are some items that aren't as big or as many as they used to be.

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