One of the faces on "The View", Sherri Shepherd used to work in retail. She was in the fitting room at a Marshalls store and got pretty peeved at how sloppy women could be while trying on clothes. She tells the Associated Press she can't understand how a woman can bring 12 items into the fitting room and then "leave them on the floor like you were raised in a cave".


Good point. That probably got very old to have to go in and clean up after these women. Smith says if you're gonna try on clothes at the store, put them back on the rack!!! Hey, it'll be a great habit to get into. If I could just explain this a little better to my husband!
As well as every day on "The View", Sherri also co-stars in "One for the Money". Here's a clip from reporters asking Sherri about the character she plays in that new movie.