It's that time again to hear one country music's great drinkin' songs. One of the best comes from country music legend George Jones. He should know a little about drinking because after several hits and after owning the charts from the fifties through the mid seventies, his career started to drop off because of alcohol.
In 1979, Jones' doctors warning him to quit drinking and he checked into a clinic for a month of rehab. This was also the year that he got the nickname "No Show Jones" because of some fifty-four concert dates he missed. But George turned a negative into a positive and recorded a song by the same name.
By the start of the eighties his career saw a resurgence and Jones started racking up a string of major hits. In 1981 the "Possum", as he is known by his friends and fans, hit the Top 10 with with one of the great drinkin' songs of all time, "If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will).
So crank this up and enjoy on this "Thirsty Thursday"